Gunz gets a haircut

I’ve obviously been slacking on the blog front since the haircut in this post took place in December last year. But here she is! Gaby was over the long hair and I got to come along and witness the transformation.

Gaby's haircut #6

Gaby's haircut #1

Gaby's haircut #5

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I know we’re way into this new year already and I’ve properly neglected this little blog but here I am with a video that inspired me a good few months back. Perhaps it will inspire you too.

December Instagramming in Cape Town on Instagram

A couple of instagrams to demonstrate how much fun was had during the festive season in Cape Town.
Table mountain
A painting at Stonehurst, a beautiful B&B in Sea Point.

Cape Town morning
Post sunrise hike from Sea Point to the base of Lion’s Head overlooking town at the canon.

Godmother's house 2
A dish-cloth drying outside my godmother’s kitchen door at Helderberg Village, Somerset West.

Hiking with Mum
A hike five minutes from my apartment (on foot) with me Mum

Lievland Sundays
Lauratjie on a chilled Sunday at Lievland wine farm watching live acoustic tunes in the shade of massive trees overlooking a small wooden stage. A swim-able dam with cows crossing the field over on the far side. Did I mention the wine?

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Boxing day

I cycled from Three-Anchor Bay along the promenade on boxing day and was pleasantly surprised by the number of families and friends who had come to celebrate the day on the stretch of grass between the road and the sea. Every few meters I had to pull over and film something fun happening. There was lots of dancing, spinning, sliding, eating, laughing, playing and general all-round happiness.

Adderley Street festive lights go on

We spent Sunday 30th at the Lievland wine farm sipping on wine, listening to great local musicians and swimming in a dam. On our way home we decided to make a detour via Adderley Street to see what was going down for the “Switching on the lights” ceremony. It was awesome. I had no idea what to expect. First we got stuck in quite a thick traffic jam and once we found parking we slipped into the fat stream of 50 000+ pedestrians. It was awesome. Grannies, grandchildren, lights, braais, chicken lickin, an ongoing parade and beautiful street lights.

This year’s event was set to be the best in its 42 year history. T’was rad.

We can help.

My plan was for this to be a space to post my photos as I go along but I find such rad stuff online that I have no choice but to add it too. Here’s a current kickstarter campaign that’s raising funds for a super important (and beautifully shot) documentary.

Last May California announced plans to close one quarter of their 278 parks, a devastating move that is intended to save the state a mere $22 million per year. The closure list includes thousands of acres of park land, recreation areas, wildlife reserves, and 50% of the state’s historic parks. By July 2012 Californians will be bereft of 70 magnificent natural parks. The media has done little to disclose the ongoing closures or emphasize their impact.

The First 70 is a short film about Californians banding together to enact change and develop solutions in the face of a glaring bureaucratic oversight. Volunteers have been forced to lend even more of their time and effort to support the already grossly underfunded state park system. Independent organizations and nonprofits have become obligated to step up to the challenge of keeping parks open, supporting them financially while working within the state’s guidelines.”

The most beautiful cards ever

I received a parcel in the post from Romy who lives in Jo’burg. She’s one of the most creative people I know. Romy’s the woman behind State of the Nation, the fair trade co-op. They make a whole bunch of beautiful things so keep watching that space for fresh produce.

Romy knows I’m working on this rad postcard project so she sent me some illustrated Mike Perry tri-fold cards for a little inspiration and to give me an idea of what’s out there. The colours haven’t quite come out clearly on my pictures but they’re unreal. Super luminous. The little box has for sets of four different styles and comes with illustrated stickies to hold the cards together once you’re done writing your message on the inside. Super rad.

Thank you thank you thank you!





Cape Town German school October festivities

I can’t say that I was well impressed with this year’s October fest at the CT German school. It felt to me like they could have tried a little harder. Minimal Christmas vibes, minimal German vibes, m beyond the spoken language and I didn’t spot a single lebkuchen, not one. What is that?

They certainly made up for what ever was lacking with the kids entertainment. It was awesome. Massive bubble-making things (bubbles are always a winner), big blow-up balls that kids would climb into and run around inside (like a hamsters wheel) in a big blow-up pool, big blown up dandelion-like balls that kids climbed into and rolled across the field… Fuffie slides. I wished I was a child all over again.

I’ve posted some pics and a little video to share the awesomeness.



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Wooden shades & clean laundry

I was just bouncing around indiegogo in search of projects similar to my postcard labels and found these awesomes. I want. If you’d like to support their project get yourself a pair here

How rad is this picture? Have a look at Sivan Askayo’s site to see more of her clean laundry series.

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Two rad clips I found on Vimeo today

I love the way this was shot. I’d LOVE to go to burning man. Maybe one day.

The next one’s fun and must have taken a long long time to make

Wild boar mud-bath

A few weekends ago I went to visit my sister and her man at their farm, Bontebok Ridge in Wellington. They’ve started and awesome little wild boar breeding program. They’re so flippin cute. This teenage piggy was loving the mud puddle. (EWE!) I’ll add videos of the littles too.

Macro sundew #2

sundew 2

macro sundew 14

macro sundew 4

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802 Belvedere

The world going about its morning routine while we have breakfast on our little 8th floor balcony.


Photographer at Augrabies National Park 1

All of the above were taken at Nieuwoudville


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Blue Monday

I’ve been looking into this AWESOME idea for a product I’m keen to produce and raise funds for on kickstarter. I’m so frikkin excited about it that I can’t sleep at night. So I started searching international patent sites and after hours of sifting through similar but different products I found something that’s pretty much the same thing. The patent is owned by a patent lawyer :(

Song of the day:

Rad to see them so super young. I love the sound engineer dad guy at the beginning. He’s my favourite.