GOOD_final_logo-1 [Converted]

GOOD Juicery, India

A new brand of sparkling fruit juice in India

Jo Anderson logo1
Jo Anderson logo2

Jo Anderson Architect

Three logo options for a super skilled Cape Town Architect


Zambia Tourism

A logo I submitted for the Zambian Tourism Board logo competition


The Independent Lifestyle Company

A company that produces mail-order catalogs for mature South Africans

Sonja Grünbauer Photography

Sonja Grünbauer Photography

A local Somerset West Photographer


A website that shares information from game rangers around Africa.


Flow Hotel

A high-end “Experiential Hotel” that offers custom-designed programs combining nature and the senses.


State of the Nation

A fair-trade brand that empowers women with skills and job-creation. They produce “indigenous” high-end fashion and interior design accessories. (Look them up at 44 Stanley in Johannesburg)


Lala Apha

A South African brand that hand-produces hammocks for babies along the garden route.


Run, save the world

A project that was created to generate awareness for a global relay that would cover the circumference of the earth. The idea was to bring foreign cultures together through a common passion for running and to eliminate racial and cultural prejudices.


Origins Capital

An African Investment Bank.


Storytelling Barcelona

An English language course that teaches Catalan and Castellian children in Barcelona the history of their city via english-language story-telling walks throughout the city.